20 april 2016

The Ninth Arbitrazh Court of Appeals agreed with the position of Jus Aureum in rejecting the complaint against the ruling to abandon a suit

In December 2015, lawyers from Jus Aureum were successful in achieving the abandonment by the Arbitrazh Court of the city of Moscow of a statement of claim by UK Sodruzhestvo LLC in case No. А40-139187/2015 for the recovery of unjust enrichment from Giproplast Engineering JSC by proving that this case was identical to case No. А40-29304/2015, which had been considered earlier.
17 march 2016

Jus Aureum Wins Thin Capitalization Case in the Russian Supreme Court

Now, however, the Russian Supreme Court concluded in Case No. А40-87775/2015 that as interest is paid to a Russian recipient, the Russian borrower should not be expected to pay dividends as a tax agent (Article 269.4 of the Tax Code). The interest in such cases is not to be treated as dividends.