26 april 2016

Commentary of Alexander Kobzev published in Vedomosti

Vedomosti is publishing the commentary of Jus Aureum's Managing Partner Alexander Kobzev in an annual survey dedicated to the legal profession, the ratings of Chambers Europe 2016 and the activity of law firms.

The legal survey touches on matters related to the use of new legal technologies and automation of legal processes, as well as the inculcation of new developments and expenditures by law firms on similar innovations. In addition, it discusses the situation on the market as a whole, notable tendencies and a change in demand for law firms, price formation and dumping, stagnation and decline, proceeds of law firms and reduction of expenses. “There have been more M&A transactions under Russian law with a Russian arbitration clause, as Kobzev also notes.” “The managing partner of Jus Aureum, Alexander Kobzev, estimates the decline in proceeds at 10% at the beginning of 2016; his forecast for the entire year is that indicators will be preserved on the same level as 2015, plus or - 10 to 15%.”

Please click HERE to view the full version of the article.

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