19 december 2018

Jus Aureum was ranked by "Pravo.ru-300" among the leading law firms of 2018 year

As the result of assessment in 2018 year Jus Aureum was ranked 29th in the federal ranking of the top 50 law firms by the revenue size, improving its last year result (earlier ranked 30th). Jus Aureum was recommended in 4 categories of legal services: Competition, Arbitration proceedings, Litigation, Tax law and tax disputes.

Earlier in 2018 year Jus Aureum was already noted by "Pravo.ru-300" in the litigators market. Dispute resolution practice of Jus Aureum ranked 39th by criterion “Evaluation of the won companies’ cases (court success)” and 40th in the category “Companies by the number of arbitrazh cases”. Jus Aureum was included into the IVth category along with such law firms as PWC Legal (first “Big 4” company in the ranking) and Lidings.

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